the sleeping sun

May 19, 2012
By omniya134 GOLD, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Other
omniya134 GOLD, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Never deprive someone of hope; it might be all they have.
(H. Jackson Brown Jr.)
"Tell Me and I Will Forget; Show Me and I May Remember; Involve Me and I Will Understand."

The sleeping sun refuses to rise
She's sleeping behind cloudy guise
The people wonder where the sunshine is
Where's the sun that we miss
The sun sleeping refrain to respond
The moon screams we miss you miss blonde
No one knows what happened for real
The sun gone and no one knows how she feel
The day arrived and its still night
The people dropped everything and start to fight
Everything turned to be mess, they forgot everything bright
They became parties like black and white
They became mad forgetting the great might
Leaving everything important and holding the trite
You did this and you did not, admonishing for the good and their right
The people lost their brains riding in the craziness flight
They mixed their blamed with this plight
And everyone welcomed to invite
It's like a sprite came to incite
One little girl yelled and said
One other fight and we'll be dead
The people stopped and start to talk to the sun
No more games we are done
Display yourself from behind this veil
We admit we're weak we fail
Tell us why you're angry why you're sad?
We're sorry we didn't appreciate what we had
Tell us why you forbid us from your bless
Help us survive us from this distress
We promise you we'll be good
We'll understand what we misunderstood
After days of entreaty
The sun rose assent the treaty
She left the clouds saying truce
I'll tell you the reason I'll tell you my excuse
I'll go back to my place
I'll be there lightening your brains
You and you start to fight
Forgetting there's someone watching you from the height
I wasn't there but I sow you
You start to fight forgetting your point of view
I was sleeping listening to your insanity
Expressing your feelings through your vanity
I'll light your days I'll light your moon
And I'll be warm in the afternoon
I'll help you light your streets and your homes
I'll let my ray walk through your rooms
I'll give you back everything you lost
But I'll be honest; you have a heart of frost
Whatever I do it'll never going to help
Because you're screaming to me it's a yelp
From now on you all free
And let's agree to disagree

The author's comments:
I've wrote this poem two years ago, it really means very much to me because it's my stairway to maturity and independence because i consider writing is a grace and an outlet that I resort to :)

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