No chance to opportunity

May 19, 2012
By Anonymous

There’s a girl out there fighting to bring her parents together
Some will say she should give up
That girl cried herself to sleep every night,
hoping that daddy would come home
Some called her weak
That girl stayed and dealt with abuse
just to make sure her siblings would be safe
People called her ridiculous
That girl was bullied all through school,
but she never said a word
People said she was a freak
That girl dealt with more than she could hold
and, one day, she fought back
People said she was insane
That girl started a new life
and finally found her father
People called her lost
This girl turned her life around,
turned her madness to magic
People said she was different
She wears a real smile
and no longer paints one on
People said wow
That girl is a leader, an inspiration
People now follow her
That girl went from no chance to opportunity
with determination, hope and faith
People said she was a legend
And to all the people that brought her down,
that girl thanked them
People said, “why?”
Because that girl, when she is one of the most successful people
Those people will wonder, “how?”

The author's comments:
It's about a girl who goes from a very hard life with almost no chance of a happy life to the opportunity to do anything she wants to.

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