Questioning the Afterlife

May 19, 2012
By H.Kahl GOLD, Orangevale, California
H.Kahl GOLD, Orangevale, California
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Can the grave return what in life was lost?
Or must our earthly burdens be carried forever after?
Will they remain, the tears, the scars, the voices in your head, the bones?
Can madmen return from beyond the vault of eternity, to haunt the ones who sickened their troubled minds?
Are the gifts a child never had granted to them on their last breath?
Are the broken finally mended?
Or is man condemned to suffer for endless hours, alone with the darkness?
Does the fabled 'better place' exist, or do we suffer within our desperately flawed shells?
Or perhaps our creator is full of mercy, allowing his creations unconscious rest?
Experience begs to differ.

The author's comments:
Another one of those question poems. Similar to "Genesis", but regarding the ending of an individual, rather than the birth of a whole universe. I apologize if it offends. I was raised with a Christian point of view but as I age I find myself seeking answers of my own volition.

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