May 19, 2012
By Anonymous

Say what you want,
I don't control you, you are free to do whatever.
Your words hurt and you don't even care.
I sit here and look up at the ceiling,
Wandering what i  can to do better? 
I've done everything i could do and more. 
I care about you, respect you, keep you happy.
There is nothing else left to beg.
I feel sick at night and i cant sleep because my heart feels like its being 
Shattered, crumpled up and tossed
I don't think you understand
You never will know how its feels.
I'll keep my feelings behind closed doors, i don't want to upset you.
If I am not good enough than I'm sorry.
Yes i do get mad
Yes i do get jealouse
Yes i do cry and get sad
I do all of that because i care.
I actually care about you
But it doesn't matter anymore
Nothing matters.
Sad and defeated
This is the first time that i don't know what to do, to sad to think.
God I'm torn up inside.
I'm afraid I'm going to lose you
But do you even feel the same?
Saying you love someone and meaning it are two different things.

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