A Measure of Peace

May 19, 2012
By ImSoCoolitHurts SILVER, Centerville, Iowa
ImSoCoolitHurts SILVER, Centerville, Iowa
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Love, I have heard cannot compare
Nor can it be explained
So tell me now, how all I can see
Is the love that caused us pain

To the broken girl that fell so hard
To the boy who lost his all
To the suicide
And every tear that's cried
At the embrace of love's siren call

So love can be compared
And it can be explained
By the people torn apart
In every way, shape and form
Love is a broken heart

And hate, I have heard
Is equal to love
Two sides of the same coin
Heads you win
Tails you lose
You're either happy
Or insane

And to those who hate with all their hearts
The flip side is retreating
And love, like life
At the very end
Is nothing short of fleeting

So the trick to life
To love
To hate
Is very seldom seen
Keep everything even
Don't pick one or the other
Find the space that's in between

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