The mind

May 19, 2012
By skothary12 BRONZE, Mumbai, Other
skothary12 BRONZE, Mumbai, Other
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Instinct stands tall and strong.
An unwavering hero,
Deeply set in mind.
He bravely bears the burden of emotion.

Emotion. A frivolous beauty.
Sensitive and delicate,
Fickle as can be.
She eats away at instinct while dancing carelessly to her own tune.

Instinct silently bows down to emotion,
Losing himself In her undying power.

A cold, distant mind forms
As anger comes like a gust of wind
And sweeps away emotion.
He leaves no trace behind
Apart from a withered instinct,
Gone in time of need.

The author's comments:
This poem shows how a candle represents the mind. The base of the candle is the mind itself, the wick stands for instinct, the flame represents emotion, and anger is shown as the wind.

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