The Steps, The Pain

May 18, 2012
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Life can take you many ways,
Some paths that you choose to fallow,you wish you could stay,
When that path takes you places were you wish you could disappear,
You pray that the ones you love and care for would just appear,
A Lot believe in that silly excuse of a word fate when all goes wrong,
And some want to end their lives when life seems to long,
One thing that really gets me going,
Is when couples end their lives together when it gets to boring,
The thing is, you can choose how you go through life,
You can end it early with a knife,
Or you can do whats right,
So maybe today is your day,or tonight is your night,
But the thing is you and I, were going through life together,
And I got your back so we got each other,
Yes, we may be total strangers,
But I got you when your in danger,
Its people like us that can make a difference,
So lets not make someones life have an early interference

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