Barely Awake

May 20, 2012
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I am tired

I am not tired for the reasons of sleep deprivation

Not extinguished for the reasons of exhaustion

None of those reasons

You see the reason I grow
dreary and weary at this moment is because of
this moment

This time of our lives that is poisoned

By the dark bitter nectar of a subtle evil


We have all fallen to it

We’ve all fallen between the plastic porcelain tabloid pages
Of magazines where privacy is abolished
And no one is safe from the flashing headlights
Of Polaroid beasts

I’m tired of it

We’ve fallen to believe every conscious phrase
Of a block buster hunk or a powerful media patriarch

I’m tired of it

We've fallen to praising these fawn gods to stalking their footsteps
so we could decide if it is really worth it to break into their dollhouses on the hill, steal all their underwear, and make a shrine that pays tribute towards our lunacy of wanting to be just

What's the point of being
barely awake

I can either wait for celebrity to knock on my door and absorb my soul like a shot vac

Or I could sleep

Well that's an easy decision

Even an easier decision than deciding to throw your career away for some quick green

Easier a decision that choosing who would be a better solution to the bachelorette's love equation; beach-bod Matt or chiseled-jaw Ben

This is my choice

And I choose to close my eyes

Block out all audio

And sleep

Before the world realizes it's mistake and tries to apologize

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