May 18, 2012
By Anonymous

I want to go lay down
but whats stopping me is you
I'm scared IMO gonna go to bed
and dream about us two.
Wake up crying
drenched in my own tears
knowing that I will never escape
my deepest fears
of losing you
IMO trying to convince myself
it just ain't true
but its becoming harder and harder
to do
baby IMO missing you .
I'm falling apart
and I wish you knew how much
this isn't just a
childhood crush
I love you with everything I have
that I just wanted to let you know
but I'm deathly terrified to let it
I try to cry but pain
takes its place
when will we again
meet face to face ?
I pinch myself
to see if this is real
and wish so badly to wake up
but realize its reality
and I really screwed up.

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