I Love you

May 18, 2012
Everyone ask me if I'm okay
day after day
but instead of telling them no
I slowly push them away
I feel most aren't really there
just don't care
cause its not happening to them
they don't know how it feels
to endure unbearable pain
to feel completely insane
you want to pour your heart out
to someone you trust
but they all just end up
leaving in the end
you don't know what to do with
yourself anymore
you convince yourself its pretend
every song I listen to
reminds me of you
and I cry every tI'me
I need you in my life
Its serious this tI'me
why does this have to happen
I'm only a teen
why does life have to be so mean
I have no one
and who I do
I don't want them knowing
how I feel about you .

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