Falling Apart

May 18, 2012
By NicoleLynn4823 BRONZE, Coventry, Rhode Island
NicoleLynn4823 BRONZE, Coventry, Rhode Island
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Even when you feel like your important to know one there is atleast one person out there who needs you in their life the most <3

I'm not okay I'm not alright
I can never seem to sleep at night
the pains to much I can not cry
all my tears are forever dry.
All I want is you in my life
I can't bear the pain
I'm seriously feeling
like I'm about to go insane.
I'm forever lost without you
I have no where to turn
I constantly face
that familiar burn.
This Isn't me is all I can think
just make the pain stop please
why cant my body just be at ease
I'm begging you please.
Suicidal is how I am at times
I wish it wasn't that way
everywhere I look its a memory of
us and I don't know what to say.
Words cant describe the pain I feel everyday now this cant be real.
Your the only one that I can trust
why cant be just be together
why do we meet people in life
that cant stay forever?
It never used to be like this
so why now?
I miss you so much
I miss your gentlest touch
that showed me everything was gonna
be alright
cause in my darkness you are my light.
Your the only one who fills my mind day after day
your the only one
who makes me feel okay.
I never thought I would find myself
constantly crying
as inside of me
a part of Me's dying.
If I said to myself that I could
get over you I'd be lying.
I want to be with you
Isn't that clear?
I don't want too lose you
that's something I fear <3

The author's comments:
This is too someone I love so much and don't see as much as I used too in the past and its killing me more and more everyday:"(

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