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For Him

May 18, 2012
By marzipan SILVER, PA, Pennsylvania
marzipan SILVER, PA, Pennsylvania
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The day you said that you might move,
I felt the cracks--
the deep cut grooves
that you have left upon my life.
Losing you would mean my demise
but lack of courage silenced my lips,
To this day my tongue's bound by shyness.
Then summer came and I forgot
the love I had for you--
not lost,
but hidden deep within my heart
until I searched through every part.
I'd banished you from my head
to make it seem like love was dead.
Yet all that had kept me alive
was the fire I so tried to hide.
By stifling everything I feel
I learned how to see what is real.
I attempted to break my own heart
and from the ashes, forge a new start,
but the one thing I couldn't erase
was the letters of your name.
The sands of time erode not with tears
anymore than my love fades over the years.
If you feel nothing for me
then I'm content to leave you be.
Painful as it is to let you go,
I think you deserve to know
I like you.

The author's comments:
This poem is obviously about a guy I like. I'm not about to reveal his name. It was written after 3 years of liking this guy and the last part is about how I would be ready to give him up if he'll never like me back but at the very least I want him to know I like him.

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