Fear. Terror.

May 18, 2012
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When you're terrified
hat do you taste?
Do you even notice
your stomach flipping,
your eyes widening,
your heart racing,
teeth clenching,
do you?
In the back of your
throat you feel terror,
sweat, hell.
You know no one will help you,
believe you.
You're all alone.
Trust no one.
Teeth close over your
throat as you scream for mercy.
Your nails scrape, scratch, anything tangible, living, creeping.
Your hands unsure, shaking.
When you find the light at
the end of the tunnel,
fire strikes it,
getting closer and closer
until you have nothing left.
You yearn for water.
You would rather face the
face of war
than be where you are now.
You look around, you see fire,
destruction, betrayal, monsters
come alive.
You taste the bitter,
heart-wrenching terror
that begins to blind reason.
As you start to run from
the fire, you see ice on the other
side, cold flesh killing ice.
Would you rather burn
or freeze.
It won't matter.
No one will care.
You go against the negative voices,
you start calling for God.
He tells you not to be afraid, for you will be okay.
The Devil comes and
has a blood covered knife.
When you wake up
you see a knife beside your
bed, bloody, dripping, smelling
of the fear, terror, loneliness
of before.
You get out of your room
running for air.
When you get outside,
you realize your dream is real.
You try to go back in the room,
only to find no door,
and fire on one side,
and ice on the other.
The teeth closing around
your throat
as you scream again.

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