The Monster of You

May 18, 2012
By , Central, SC
“I have something to tell you.”
(You could never say it)
I know I can do it.
(Go back where you started)
The insanity will end now.
(You’ll never be sane again)
“I like you more than ever could be right.”
(No, you’re wrong, ever so wrong)
“I’m crazy about you.”
(Don’t say it, not anymore)
I’ll die if you don’t feel the same.
(You know I never could)
“Please say something.”
(I can’t hurt you or love you)
“Will you not give me a chance?”
(How can I to a stranger?)
“Don’t walk away, not now.”
(I have to go, anywhere but here)
“Please don’t leave, not yet.”
(I can’t bear to stay)
“Let me explain, just once.”
(It’s too late, not now, not ever)
Not even to save my life
(I don’t know you, I’m sorry)
He wouldn’t listen.
(Forget about it)
He wouldn’t stay.
(It doesn’t matter)
He didn’t care.
(Nothing to remember)
He would let me cry.
(Don’t think about it)
He would let me die.
(I could never say it)

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