Simple Joys

May 18, 2012
By Anonymous

Simple joys, like babies and lips
Are out of my reach
Even a cushy diaper
Won’t cushion boney hips

Sometimes I wonder
The worth of it all
I’m not making the choice;
Lightening before thunder

My arms look thin
But they are strong
My face is gaunt
My eyes have rims

I cannot walk so far
My breath is short
My hair is sparse
It’s in the car

Wasting away

The author's comments:
In this poem, I attempt to display one angle of thought that an anorexic person might have. They realize how anorexia has effected them, but only one hounding thought prevails. All other thoughts of reason are driven from their mind, and only one goal, one objective, one word remains that influences their actions. One idea envelopes their whole being, and they are compelled to obey it.

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