A Frightful Reality

May 18, 2012
By Anonymous

I lived in a dream,
With princes and castles,
Diamonds and lust,
That never could be true,
In a frightful reality.

One forgotten day,
You became a part of my dream,
An object of attachment,
And imagined affection,
In a beautiful dream.

I could not dream forever,
I desired a tangible life,
With what I imagined,
Was your being.
In a frightful reality.

The glass would not shatter,
The princess would not fall,
Your hands were transparent,
I craved for solidity,
In a beautiful dream.

Alas, my wish came true,
You became real,
No longer a ghost,
A prince I could touch,
In a frightful reality.

The shattered glass,
Cut deep into my skin,
When I soon realized,
You were never my prince,
In a beautiful dream.

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