Not Alone

May 10, 2012
By Joe-Joe BRONZE, Foresthill, California
Joe-Joe BRONZE, Foresthill, California
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Favorite Quote:
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.


an ugly word, a despicable action

something uncontrollable, maybe?

no one at fault, no one takes the blame

most make it a joke and no one takes it seriously


it enters a life

darkens a soul

changes a world

then, it’s not so much of a joke

then it brings pain

then it makes them wonder


did I cause this?

is it my fault?

when does the guilt leave?

when will I no longer be afraid?

when does the pain go away?

when will I be free from this?

when will I have peace?

then it causes them to doubt

who am I now?

what have I become?

will I ever be healed?

when will I be clean again?

will I ever be the same person I once was?

some get help, take revenge

some speak in quiet, broken voices to trusted friends

some keep it in, locking it inside themselves, hiding

but none will ever be the same

and they try to move past their past,

all can- they become stronger

but some are haunted much longer

haunted by the




some place the blame on others

some keep it to themselves

all wish they could stop blaming anyone

all wish to take back the past

but they learn

to live again

to grow again

the broken children

yearning to be mended

but only time mends these types of wounds

they lost something

their innocence

and they can never get it back

but they can gain something


and they have what we need to go on



the pain

it hurts, inside

where no one can see it but them and God

people, who once saw all the beauty in the world

can only see darkness

when they know that they once trusted

and now can not trust again

when they know that trust leads to pain

that trust can be broken

and never can be the same as it once was

they want to be free

free from the chains of the past that keep them where they are

that keeps them trapped

Free from the memories-

they want to forget

they want to banish the thoughts from their minds

and never think upon such dark things again

but how free would any of them be

if a few forgot what so many cannot forget?

they learn, with time

that what happened

was not in their control

was not their fault

or their responsibility to fix

that they can still be loved

that they can have peace

that all touch is not bad

that not all people live to hurt

that all the blame

the shame

is not theirs to hold alone

we are not alone

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