soldier who stole my heart

May 21, 2012
By LizzyApplePie PLATINUM, Grand Island, New York
LizzyApplePie PLATINUM, Grand Island, New York
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he stole my heart
while doing his part
though years i did deny him
he left me and the world did dim

he back but not to stay
again he's going away
to fight in war
though he makes my heart soar

his smile makes me shiver
love i couldn't right deliver
i hung out with his sister
though i wanted to hang out with mister

he didn't talk when i came around
didn't know how close i was bound
only said hi and bye
this did make me cry

then at his party
though he called me shorty
i told him aside and told him my thoughts
my eyes clouded with red spots

he smiled at me and said he'd have o wait for me
i cried and thought it couldn't be

later at his home
around we could roam
we went to his room
where the time did zoom

we played truth or dare
i knew once again that he did care
i made him tell me what about me he felt
his words did make my heart melt

i know that i could have had him
hadn't i not have been so prim
but before him i denied
when he wanted me as a bride

for the night we held hands
my stomach doing handstands
we watched movies in the living room all night
for me it was quite a sight

years ago him i did deny
though he always had me flying high
him i now keep
and when he's gone fighting, i will weep

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