2013 or NOW

May 21, 2012
By TylerK BRONZE, Muskegon, Michigan
TylerK BRONZE, Muskegon, Michigan
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As I set here in my personal sanctuary,
surrounded by my menagerie of electronics,
my parents are arguing in the background;
we have an abundance of unpaid bills.
Outside; a house forecloses,
leaving a poor family homeless.
A town begins to lose itself to remodeling and rebuilding,
did it ever once mean anything?
A state prepares itself;
a horrendous economic decline is in the midst.
An exhausted nation attempts to improve itself;
its condition is too severe, it’s too far lost.
The world slowly begins to die;
from the poisons that we’ve inflicted upon it.
I sit here wondering what will become of this world,
and I soon begin to understand.
I am one of many wondering the same thing,
…what’s wrong with the world today?

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