Ways to Remember Me

May 20, 2012
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I get this pain on my body
It's getting worse by the day
Maybe my time wont be long anymore
Maybe I will go
Go to a place that called heaven
I will be able to see you there
and I promise you I will remember you
and I'm not afraid about anything
I'm just afraid you will forget me
These are ways to remember me
If you feel hopeless
Take a look at the children's eyes
and you will find me
I will tell you that there is a hope for you
If you need me
I'm there on every sound you hear
If you feel alone
I'm there in your heart
I will tell you that I'll always be inside of you
and If you are afraid
I'm there standing next to you
To tell you that there is no fear that will stop you
Now please promise me you wont forget me
Remember me in every step you take
and know that I'm there
I will send you those angels
To keep you save and warm
To tell you that I was there
On full moon's light
Under the sun's light
Just remember me
and I promise you
That you wont ever be alone

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