Everything We Have

May 20, 2012
By chacha.nisya BRONZE, Jember, Other
chacha.nisya BRONZE, Jember, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Don't cry for the one who leaves, but smile and stay strong for the one who stays :)

We have eyes
To see the sunrise
To see the people we love

To see the smile of the baby
We have ears

To hear the baby laughs
To hear someone says “I love you”
To listen to the lesson of life
We have mouth
To sing when here is so silent
To tell someone about the lovely memories
To talk about how much you love someone
We have nose
To smell the flowers
But we have one thing
It’s the most important thing
It’s our heart
Heart to see how beautiful our planet
To hear the sound of someone who needs you
Someone who wants you
Someone who loves you
Heart to talk with yourself
To take control of yourself
And to make strong yourself
And heart to enjoy the smell of love
Our heart can do that
Our heart contains with love
It makes our heart special
It makes our heart important
Everything we have
But when love is gone
We’ll have nothing
So don’t let it go
Don’t let it die

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