May 19, 2012
By Rhiannonbloss PLATINUM, Aptos, California
Rhiannonbloss PLATINUM, Aptos, California
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What is depression really? Is there one concrete definition, or has the meaning loosened as our generation has continued it's downhill descent? To me, depression is simply my life. I'm not suicidal. I'm not a cutter. I don't hate the world. I don't dress completely in black. I'm just sad. I've been sad for what feels like my entire life, but that's not true. I was happy once and I can vaguely remember what it felt like, but I can't touch it. I can't get that happiness back, I don't know how. That's what depression is to me, knowing what happiness is, but never being able to touch it, to feel it.- Jenny Leigh

Where has the time gone
Whisked away as if by a repeating song
Years passing ever quicker
As my heart keeps growing sicker
When did all this hate seep into my veins
Was it days gone by that caused these pains
Let me leave this darkened place
In ice and fire my heart is encased
There is nobody who hears me scream
When my life is a suffocating, broken dream
I am lost to this darkness before me
For my bleeding eyes are closed eternally
I blindly crawl this shattered pathway
Hoping to glimpse the light of day
Leave me not to perish in this eternal night
Unchain these wings so I may take flight
I am bound to this cold ground
Held here by the deeds I have done, unable to speak a sound
For these sins I shan't atone
I am trapped in the despondency of being alone
Abandoned by those I held dear
Left to the mercy of the amalgamation of my fear
Trapped here I feel it beginning to slip away
In the neverending dark I grow weaker every day
I am fading into the grey shadow of what I have become
A wraith which I wish to escape from
When shall I be allowed to forfeit this unending fight
I lack determination, conviction, and might
Salvation my way shan't ever send
Still I lay smoldering with agony waiting for the end
I have not tears left to cry
Nor shall this crippled will allow me to try
Let me be released, open this locked door
Wasted life, I pray you hold me prisoner no more

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