Look At Her Go

May 7, 2012
By Erika Benes BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
Erika Benes BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
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Look at her Go
Look at her go,
With her sheepish, little grin,
Moving throughout her room like the wind,
Contemplating new things, every single day,
She prays every night, never for herself,
She goes to school and comes home frustrated,
She often mutters her anger under her breath,
She is a good student and person too,
She goes to work and comes home late at night,
Taking care of the elderly makes her tired,
She laughs with a Minnie Mouse,
Or so she’s been told,
She wants to be the best, at whatever she will do,
She will succeed because of her attitude,
Life is short,
You only live once,
Excited to see where she’ll go,
She has it all figured out.

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