Getting Over

May 6, 2012
By Anonymous

you were just a bridge for me
providing a passage from one thing to the next
your distance was great
what you got me over
the Atlantic ocean could not compare
i needed you
but you were just a bridge
only to get me to what was in store for me next
but you’re drawbridge went up
i stopped
i got attached
no one is suppose to stay on a bridge
you were just there to get me over things
i knew that then
i know that now
you were just a bridge though
nothing more
i just got caught up in the sights you held
and how strong your structure was
but I have finished crossing you
i cannot see you as an option no more
i must move forward
in this journey I will not cross bridges twice
i have done it before
i jumped that bridge
it took me a while to swim back to shore
your steel frame supported me on my way
you made me remember that there is more in store
you brought me to a good place
you were just a bridge
ending up being my favorite bridge

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