A Fat Guy Named Hives

May 17, 2012
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A fat guy, named Hives who is tall, brown hair, freckles, dimples, a butt chin, and bad acne,
fell in the gym by the hobo with his cheese. He couldn’t wait to get his bread for his lonely

cheese. A school was giving away free moldy bread and the fat tub-of-lard was filled with joy.
He had a new pet rat named Cat. He found him near a hobo and decided to make it his new

sidekick. It was a run-down gym, with bugs crawling out of small holes, cracked walls, and a dusty hard-wood floor. It felt like a haunted room. But more like a party house for dust bunnies.

The gym was so dusty that it looked like a gray cloud. The run-down gym was near the expensive store in a suburban area by the cheese store. The gym where the free bread was being

giving away, had dust everywhere. The bread didn’t look good at all. There were different kinds of mold on there, but Hives didn’t care.

He was too busy thinking about how good his cheese sandwich was going to be. The gym was a perfect place to let little

kids play in. It was a good place to have a nice basketball game. The gym looked amazing as ever. Hives got his perfect, not moldy bread to his motel. His motel room was an expensive suite.

It had rats running across the room, brown stained flower wallpaper, a king bed that had a huge red spot in the middle, and a bathroom with metal-rusted nozzles that only run on cold water.

His rat, Cat, went into one of the holes in Hives’ room. Hives was glad he didn’t need to provide the things Cat need when he already has everything for him in his resourceful room.

Hives looked great in his stained capris, with his hotdog shirt that he wore for the past three days. He changed in to his pajamas. His pajamas were custom made. It had rips, holes, and patches.

His patches were red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. He had a poop stain from one of his pet rats earlier.

His pajamas were good for a parachute. After he got into his pajamas, he laid down on his bed. His heaviness made the bed crack, it was as if it was crying for help and needed the fat man out of his way.

Hives laid down thinking, thinking if he would’ve worked harder in

Mr. Lynn’s Language Arts Class, he wouldn’t be who he is today.

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Smileface said...
Oct. 27, 2012 at 10:42 am
I think this piece show things that were on the top of my head:)
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