Burning Ashes of the Roses

May 17, 2012
Black roses,
Fall from the sky,
And the orange flames inside,
Burn even more,
I catch one of those black roses,
As it disintegrates as fast as it appeared,
It feels colder now,
Somehow I can’t feel the fiery despair in the background,
Even though it stares me in the face,
And reflects off my water stricken eyes,
Something that I haven’t had in a while,
I never forgot it though,
Why did it take so long,
To find myself again,
And now,
The black roses fall even harder,
And drift away,
As they turn into what they really are,
Ashes from the past,
I have to fly with them,
The black roses,
Of the death of my past,
Of who I really am,
And the black roses,
Still fall from the sky,
Even though the orange flames,
Die inside.

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