Ferris Wheel

May 17, 2012
Circling, endlessly circling
Above crowded grounds,
Stands the Ferris wheel that I’ve ridden
Since before I can remember.

When I look at it, the shining silver,
And fading colors of summer,
I’m reminded of memories-
Memories that capture my innocence
Capture my background, and childhood.

Years spent on the back of a horse,
Years spent sleeping in a camper,
Years spent waking up at the break of dawn,
To tend your horse as if she’s
The most important, prestige, royal human on earth.

Just a week out of the whole, endless summer
Is consumed by constant chaos and riots of little girls.
I wouldn’t want it any other way, and the Ferris wheel
From afar is just a carnival ride, but up close
Endlessly revolving summer after carefree summer.

It means so much more, circling, rising-
Above the crowded fair grounds.

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