I Love You

May 17, 2012
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Evening I saw my
Fate. I wore myself out
With worrying for over a year, and now

The worry
Came to an end
In quiet happiness that was
So gentle and sweet. Suddenly peace

Calmly in my ear.
It crept up on me silently,
But now I know: I have a rip in my heart.

A long time
ago you walked out
Of my life, packed, got into
Your car, and when you left I thought I died.

It was too
Horrible to think
This, so I got on my knees
Time and again to ask God to help me

To be happy
And joyful. But still
I spent so much time being
Bitter to everyone who had happiness

And didn’t
Deserve it. And
Although I thought I would
Never believe in love again; I found that

Slowly the
Pain would be gone.
And my heart’s line of
Stitching that was ripped for no good
Reason, Could begin to heal so I could say it again.

I love you.

In the manner of
“Notice” by Steve Kowit

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