Easter Sunday

May 17, 2012
By ShelbyD GOLD, Tolono, Illinois
ShelbyD GOLD, Tolono, Illinois
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I stay the night at Grandma Debbie’s,
She wakes me up early,
I look outside but its still dark,
So I go into the living room and remember its Easter,
So I go to look at what I got for Easter,
But Grandma tells me to get ready for church,
So I throw on my Easter dress and shoes,
Then I brush my hair and teeth,
I get told to eat my breakfast before I look at my stuff,
When I am done, I look at my new things and candy,
I put my candy in a bag and I bring it to church,
While the pastor is saying the sermon,
My brother sister and I eat our candy,
By the time we get outside the birds are chirping,
Butterflies are flying and the sun is shining,
After church we go back to my grandma’s house,
To have an Easter brunch with my mom and dad,
When we are us kids are so excited for an Easter egg hunt,
We just can’t wait,
After the egg hunt we are so loud,
The adults tell us to quiet down,
So that they can talk,
We eat our candy, which tastes so sweet and chocolaty,
We try on our new clothes,
We play with our new Easter toys and baskets,
We also pick flowers,
But when it gets late we are told that we have to go home,
To look at our new things we have there,
But when it is time for bad, we are so hyped up,
We just don’t want to sleep,
But we have to,
But we just LOVE Easter so much,
We just don’t want it to end,
Because it’s so much fun.

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