The Bermuda

May 17, 2012
By Anonymous

After Odysseus tricks the Cyclops, him and his crew sets sail for home. On their way they are encountered by a giant wave that swallows them and takes them into a mysterious world known as the Bermuda Triangle. In this strange place some unusual creatures welcome Odysseus into they’re land.

Yes, we had done it,

we had left the foolish Cyclops to his fate

to dwell in despair

of the shame of losing his eye to yet a puny mortal

although I must say that I am proud,

to have outwitted such an impetuous task.

Now we must set sail once again,

searching heartly for just a slight glipse of home.

I longed to see my beautiful Penelope again

for I knew she would be waiting for my return

and also my only son

whom I have never witnessed.

And so I would not want him to dwell in a life

of not knowing his father.

Now, we see laying above us a dark grim sky,

how awestruck my men seem to be.

I say to them with confidence:

"What shall you be afraid of when we hold Zeus as our shield?

he will be our protector from all harm."

Then we see approaching a large, monstrous, wave.

Scrimmaging across the deck, we were terrified.

Then the monster engulfed us all in one sudden gulp.

I knew this was not an ordinary wave

for it was if we were hurling inside a tornado in the ocean.

What happened following that is held a mystery.

I urged open my eyes, as if I had awakened from a deep sleep.

I found my self laying on a large stone

And I searched diligently for my men

heart pounding, for he had promised them safe arrival

Then came the truth upon me,

that I was left alone in the weird

I prayed to thou father of the underworld,

Lord Hades,

That he may grant care and warmth to my dear fellow men.

Then approaching me I see a humble servant,

a tiny man with features resembling a sea serpent.

He starred at me in awe,

the eyes observing my every movement.

I decided to be wise and confront him,

"I am Odysseus, son of Laertes

the great hero of Troy,

do not fear for I have no purpose to harm you or your people,

I am in search of my homeland thou where I long to be,

But for now I heartily wish for bread and wine

For I have not ate for days

And whom may I ask you shall be?"

" I am a nonagon,

and yes, it is our obligation to provide a feast as your wish."

It was certainly a very peculiar place

for there were no buildings or landforms

just a vast body of emptiness.

Soon appeared more nonagons,

Who were kind,

For they gave a wondrous feast-

with barley and sweet wine.

Your people have treated me with kindness,

"but it is my destiny to reach my fatherland to where aim to be.

Where may I ask I have thou landed on"

This is the great Bermuda Triangle

and there is no path of escape for it is fate

that you have landed here,

for I pity you my solemn friend,

it is said you too will perish in this unfortunate land.

"No this is not what is meant for me

for I am the great hero of the Trojan war

I must leave this land at once

for it is my destiny to reach the peak of Ithaca"

If it is your wish, great sir, then we shall grant you a raft,

That will indeed carry thou to one corner of the triangle

But I do warn you, for danger awaits

The winged monster has slayed many mortals

that we have never laid eyes on since.

Now I was left alone to face the perils, I pondered,

for my fellow men has lost seek of home

In my heart,

Still awaiting, my sweet Penelope

O how I desired to be home once again,

Was it ignorant of me to blind the foolish Cyclops?

For, I know, his father brings me into this cursed world.

In the distance I sight a flame,

of, Fire?

This must be a sign that I have reached a corner,

for I had set sight of my enemy,

it was an odd creature with wings,

and a tail. Breathing blazing fire.

In the midst,

I could hear sounds of the helpless

roaming the ocean in search for mercy.

Then it caught sight of me,

"Who are you?"

I am Odysseus the great hero of Troy,

but to you I am only a puny servant,

I have been brought here by mistake

And now I shall leave,

But only now I behold for your help,

Please thou I ask in your kindness,

that I may seek my home once again.

It looked amazed,

for I did not know that it had been struck by love.

The author's comments:
Wrote it Freshman year

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