Give in

May 6, 2012
By renegades_band_together BRONZE, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
renegades_band_together BRONZE, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Your insanity is my Reality"- Tim Burton

Another Day Goes By
They Tell me this:
Give up
Give in
You arent strong enough

They Say im not Good Enough
Im a useless waste of Space
Im not worthy of the air I Breath

They Question my Morals and ethics
Because I dont trust in a God
They Question my sanity
Because im not afraid to try to fly
They quesition my believes
Because they are different
They Question me
Because Im Different

They dont trust me
I havent ever had faith in them
They dont believe me
I Know exactly what to say
They are afraid of me
Im going to tell it how it is

Who's Going to give in to the others way?

I can Promise you it wont be me
I cant say the same about you
I dont know anything about you

The author's comments:
its true my believes are different this is what heppens but you can throw your insults i wont break

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