The Answer

May 19, 2012
One day you asked how I felt about you, I answered
I can never look into the eyes of the monster that crushed your dreams
I cannot fight your demons when I have some of my own
I can only love you with the heart that I received
I can only promise you I will never leave
I don’t love you because you are weak
I love you because you are strong
I do not need you because of what you do right
But because sometimes I am wrong
It seems as if you have me misunderstood
wouldn't’t hurt you even if I could
I could open my eyes and close them as long as you’re there
I can breathe you in and hold tight
Just because your soul beckons to me
The bottom line is that I love you
Your words are my nirvana
And your touch is my heaven
Your existence is my existence
And there is nothing in between
So does that answer your question?

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free2beme said...
May 29, 2012 at 5:28 pm
KAYLAN!!!!!this is alexis aka free2beme. ur work NEVER fails to amaze me. on the website, i have my own work too, but most of its peobably stuff u've read. <3<3 !!!!!
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