Life goes on

May 19, 2012
My heart was torn out
Fear replaced my doubt
I know its come to an end
I can see that Ive lost my only friend
Everywhere I'm reminded of what we shared
Everyday I'm reminded that she never cared
every night i try not to cry
I keep telling myself not to ask why
Alone i am and alone ill be
My love will never be set free
I was never able to say goodbye
they all set and watched our love die
I don't know if i can take the pain
I'm beginning to question if I'm still sain
Its a painful life that i lIve
Why is her love so addictIve
I am so confused
I feel like Ive been used
Even with all of this pain
And all of this misery
Life goes on
And i am trapped in this never ending dawn

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