May 17, 2012
By Ashley Rosa BRONZE, Clive, Iowa
Ashley Rosa BRONZE, Clive, Iowa
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I sit across class, all alone
Not even a glance comes my way
Though this is the life I have known
This is not how I want things to stay

I’ve tried to fit in
Change my hair, clothes and style
But unless you are thin
They won’t give you a smile

With friendship and laughter, they pass me by
While I just watch and make scribbles
I take my notes, never active, but why?
That’s not how life is for invisibles

We’re always around, just a shadow, a mist
A transparency unseen by the living
At times we wish we did not exist
For the world can be so unforgiving

Revolving around outer appearance,
While what’s inside should matter the most
So this causes our disappearance
And we’re stuck in a life as a ghost

Covered in darkness, with no where to go
We think there is only one way
Because when gloom is all you see and know
It isn’t surprising we say:

“I’m sick of this world; with everyone to please
Done with every little thing that people have done and said
So this shouldn’t be to hard, I can put my mind at ease
No one will miss me when I’m dead.”

So next time you make fun of that boy with no car
Or that girl who is not a size two
Show them friendship and love, how amazing they are
And with hope, they may know that its true

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