Perfect Harmony

April 28, 2012
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She sits on her bed, bag in her hand like a gun to her head. Pondering what to do to fix things. Make them right again. She runs away, yet toward, in perfect harmony. As if floating on air, she naturally gravitates toward her sanctuary. All eyes around her closed, place quiet, thoughts racing, all in perfect harmony. I wonder why she waits, contemplating. Every minute goes by as a knife cutting through stone. 1 hand, 1 heart, 1 lie, working in perfect harmony. Euphoria, beyond comparison. Feels the splash on her face, as she sighs and watcher her mistake float away. A sense of relief washes over her as she cleanses herself. Clean mind, body, spirit, and soul, singing in perfect harmony, quietly but surely. Strength. No regrets. But the past wait haunts her and wares her away. Like acid rain to a precious statue. Eroding, breaking, burning, destroying, all in perfect harmony. Plans days of emptiness, purity. But subtle despair comes over her. She wonders if she is strong enough to sustain. I mean, she failed last time. Feeling hopeless, she turns again to her secret obsession. Negative? She wonders. That’s a start. Finding motivation, she starts again. A downward spiral to us, a way up to her. Flying, falling, feeling it all in perfect harmony. This time, she thinks to herself, “I will do this.” Secrets are the key, she tells herself. One lie, one smile, one fake emotion to fool them all into seeing perfect harmony. No cracks in sight. Until one day she shatters. She knows this but is yet to accept it. She continues her journey to perfection, in her eyes. The charts, they say, show perfection. Lies, she tells herself. Selfish lies working toward “perfect” harmony. What happened to the melody? It fades away to the distance until blending in to the beauty of the whole. Till one day the key falls off, leaving the sound lacking perfect harmony. Swiftly fixed, barely noticed, the song continues on without her. Till all that they hear is the echo…of perfect harmony.

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