Deck of Cards

May 7, 2012
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Remember that girl? Her smile was so bright. She was one of the happiest people alive. Her world had color, no patches of grey. In the sidelines, you sat and watched, as the story of truth became unhidden under the dust. It took one guy, to change her life. He told her he loved her, but it was nothing but lies. Day after day you watched his games. Watched him play her like a board game. You knew what he wanted, but she was love struck, trapped inside the glass walls she built up. He used her for pleasure, she caught onto his games. She lost grip of her heart, as it shattered hitting the ground. Her skies became thunderstorms, the rain washed out the color. Then she was forced, to pretend that smile. People believed, didn’t hear her silent screams. She thought she found happiness, but it was ripped from under her. He packed up his game, and moved onto the next one. Sitting on her bed, she’s sits and waits. Waits for his name to pop up on her screen. She knows it’s unrealistic, as a river starts to form in her room. Her vision becomes blurred, and her thoughts become impaired. And all that she can say, is that she’s sorry.

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