April 30, 2012
By himynameisbia BRONZE, Seaville, New Jersey
himynameisbia BRONZE, Seaville, New Jersey
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At that very moment, I broke
It was the first and last time that we spoke
My life shattered
After having gone 17 years not feeling mattered
How can you waltz in and pretend you care?
After all of this time, it was truly unfair
You were a demon in my eyes
With no right to come into my life by surprise
This should have been my choice
But just like the start, I had no voice
If you could so unrightfully conceive me,
How dare you leave me?
There’s no doubt that you’re an awful man for the rape
But I’ll never forgive you for the escape
Look at this child, full of love
She’s the very one you tried to get rid of
After 17 years, you made me break
Even then, my life was yours to take
She had lost her mind
And once again, you left her behind
Before you ever say you’re a father,
Think of how you didn’t bother
With your daughter who from the start,
Knew there was something missing within her heart

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