May 18, 2012
By avm99 BRONZE, Harrison, New York
avm99 BRONZE, Harrison, New York
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Reflections of Me

The first page,
Was a picture
With crinkled edges dated
April 14, 1999.

This powder pink
Book that shares the scent of
Freshly baked cookies
With the remnants of
Goldfish crumbs dwelling
In its spine
Is my favorite book
Of all time.

I turn each page,
One experience after another,
Swimming with dolphins,
With water stains
Near the picture,
Leaving the aroma of
Salt water
To remind me
Of that day.

And meeting Cinderella,
With ears on my head
And ice cream on my face,
With the sticky smudge of the
Colorful popsicle I had eaten that day.

This crinkled,
Finger painted book,
shares the scent of
Chocolate chip cookies
With gold fish crumbs dwelling
In its spine, is the colorful
Timeline of my life.

This book talks
To me like my
Best friend,

It shares my greatest
Memories and has no

Whispering some of
My favorite memories that
I had long forgotten.

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