May 18, 2012
By MaryW BRONZE, Greenwich, Connecticut
MaryW BRONZE, Greenwich, Connecticut
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As we see the stage clear
We wait for the next season to come up on the stage
We wait for next scene of the seasons to begin
We remember the scene
Leaves falling
Animals gathering food
Building nests and homes for the frigid snow

We want the coldness of the soft lace
Drifting down
From heaven

Down to the ground

The chatter of people rises
We don’t like the intermission of the scenes of the seasons
We want the next season to come, and for it to bring its act to the world

All of a sudden the crispness and the pinch of the air whips us
We are silent
The light goes from a bright shining light glowing in the air to a dim glow
Then the curtain comes up
The next scene of the seasons begins

We are in a trance, we are under a spell
Under a deep blanket of snow
Covered in the music of the seasons

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