Singapore-a different place

May 18, 2012
By carrolle BRONZE, Greenwich, Connecticut
carrolle BRONZE, Greenwich, Connecticut
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Singapore- a different place
The window seeks busy streets that distract me
Beholding the people rushing about, like shoppers on black Friday
As I visualize the differences

I question the foreign food
Hunger takes over and it commands my mouth to be filled with joy
As I taste the differences

I attend restaurants and hotels
And I collide into a herd of nice people
As I experience the differences

I cook out under the blazing sun
That splashes bursts of mocha brown like a melting bar of chocolate
As I feel the differences

The sky opens up and drops little mirrors displaying my reflection
While I explore the great sites
As I gape at the differences

I gaze out the glass window
And see a different world as I would MY perfect world

Taste buds,
Let in a flood of culture

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