Beautiful Worshiper

May 18, 2012
By briyelk SILVER, San Antonio, Texas
briyelk SILVER, San Antonio, Texas
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Lilting winds bend grass;
Flittering breezes bow flowers.

Simple sisters sweetly pray,
Heads bowed in petal veils bowered.

Look and see how the trees sway
And leaves leap off in showers-

Whipping winds by this pay their dues
To Him who is that empowers.

See how the river rushes on?
To where does it make such haste?

And all the world spins on its tilt,
With a power to nearly taste.

Truly, the waves of the sea taste this-
Of honey, pure and sweet

As all the world of God’s own hand
Praise all that is concrete.

Sing they, concordant in their mission of
Happiness and praise.

And bow all creatures of the Lord
To the Sun’s unwavering gaze.

And, thus, as all arise from dust alike;
Low and high man,

In the same way do all return
To the earth, is death’s own ban.

But God, the Sun in splendor clear
Rebirths all of mankind,

And calls us up out of the ground-
Each one does He un-bind

To rise up worshipers,
heads hung to skies above.

And so shall I return for you, arisen,
My own love.

So seek me amongst the flowers.
See me in grassy field.

There I shall with joy be,
Once I cast away my shield.

And there will I reside,
Thus forever shall I be,

Your own beautiful worshiper,
And, yet, shall I be free.

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