Whatever They Say

May 18, 2012
Whatever they say
Whatever they say
I am not a monster

It's not my fault that my
Forced me to be this way
To take the people
Who dare cross me, or those
Who try to muffle my roaring crashes on the wet rocks
Who try to taste my rain
Innocent though they may be

It's not my fault that my
Banks overflow in spring
Littering thousands of broken hopes
In my constant stream of
They call it

It's not my fault that people seem to find it
Daring or funny
To pollute my once beautiful waters
That glittered in the setting sun
Blue, red, and purple

Now people call me an
A Nuisance
and Guilty

It's not my fault
Any of this
For I can do nothing
Change nothing
Say nothing

I miss who I used to be
The sparkling calm and clear blue
So please
Believe me
For I am not a monster
No matter what they say

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