May 18, 2012
What’s one thing that girls can never have enough of?
What’s one thing girls always desire?
What’s one thing that girls absolutely love?!
What’s one thing girls require?
Shoes can be big or small,
Narrow or wide,
Short or tall,
Or even white ones for the bride.
Luckily for me I was born a man,
Making me not spend my money on,
Tons of makeup and overdone tans,
And 300 dollar haircuts at the salon.
I can hang out all day with the guys,
And instead of wasting cash on shoes,
We constantly replenish our supplies
Of Doritos and mountain dew.
So here’s a toast to my fellow brother,
For not wasting money on useless stuff.
Now go buy an airsoft gun and another,
Or Pump the roids that make you look tough.

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