Shut Up Already

May 18, 2012
By KaseyCossolotto GOLD, Moravia, Iowa
KaseyCossolotto GOLD, Moravia, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
"The only way is no way." -Bruce Lee

“Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.”

What do I have to do to get your attention?
Do I have to cry?
Do I have to scream?
Do I have to throw something at your head?
Are you trying to hurt me?
Do you want to hurt me?
Answer me.

Ah, the cries of the “attention starved.”
All the little boys and girls out there,
Who just don't get noticed enough.

Oh. We don't see you well enough?
We don't hear every little thing that you say?
We don't listen to every little whining complaint you have?
We don’t read about all your stupid stories, and dramas
All over Facebook?
Are you just that desperate that you throw yourself to your knees once more?
Once more, you want to cry, and tear at your hair?
All for what?
For my sympathy?
Then I hope you’re expecting for your efforts to go unrewarded.

I have no sympathy for those of you
You who cast yourselves on stage, and beg for the mercy
From the drama that you’ve brought on yourselves.

You were the one who dumped your ex in a text,
And now you want me to feel sorry for you
Because he or she isn’t being all that nice to you?

You were the one who flirted with your best friend’s crush,
And now you expect me to feel bad for you, and be mean to him or her,
Because you decided that hitting on some random person was worth that betrayal?

You were the one who lied to your parents,
And you said you were at my house studying, but really
You went to that party, and drowned your night and your…
“Sorrows” in that cheap crap that made you so sick today?
And now you want me to hate your parents?
And nurse your “stress headache” all day?

Give me one good reason why I should listen to you anymore.
Give me one good reason why I should even speak to you.
You‘re the one who’s causing all the trouble,
And then you blame everyone else first.

When will you ever look back and yourself,
And see what you’ve become?
When will you realize that you are to blame?
Are you blind?
Are you deaf?
Can you feel anything anymore?
Or are you so numb that human emotions can no longer touch you anymore?

No. I don't care.
You betrayed everyone who loved you.
There's no pity left.
So go cry alone.
You have earned every tear.

The author's comments:
The writing teacher wanted us to try slam poetry, or spoken word poetry, a type of poetry meant to be performed. It had to be emotional, and about something that really interested us. I'm sure we all know people like the ones in my poem: attention starved drama-addicts who need to tell the world every little thing going on in their life, as if it was some huge deal.

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