Mr. Breadstick Man

May 18, 2012
By SapphireLamour DIAMOND, Omaha, Nebraska
SapphireLamour DIAMOND, Omaha, Nebraska
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“ Farewell fair Mr. Breadstick man!,”
Doth say thy greatest fan.

Summer saddens us for we must say adieu.
Though homework leaves our lives so also do you.

Though we know not your name- whether Bob, Joe, or Rick-
We know that we cherish thy holy breadstick.

Though faculty would stare I want to give you a goodbye hug.
I know you would accept it being neither vain nor smug.

The lack of your lunchly services leaves us so forlorn
As you no longer provide us with breadsticks so warm.

You shall be missed, your nimble hands, your smiling face,
The way you accept our earnest thanks with humility and grace.

We pray next year you’ll still be here
For in our hearts and stomachs we hold you dear.

We beg of thee at least to remember us.
We’ll remember you forever and that you may trust.

You lay forever sacred in the hearts of the Mercy clan
As we weep with woe, “ Farewell fair Mr. Breadstick man!”

The author's comments:
At our school Fazzoli caters every Friday and two of my friends have a crush on the guy who brings us breadsticks. So they wrote and delivered a love letter to him containing the reasons they love him including "how this letter will probably scare you". Now as school ends I decided to write him a farewell letter. I couldn't help it.

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