Forever Loving You

May 17, 2012
By Cyndelpop BRONZE, Van Horne, Iowa
Cyndelpop BRONZE, Van Horne, Iowa
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I'm living in the dark
Without you by my side
Nothing is more beautiful
Than looking in your eyes

I don't know if you know this
But I still love you a lot
When I see you smile
My whole face goes hot

What I'd do without you
I don't want to know
If I didn't have you
Never again would my eyes glow

For a while you've been my everything
My sun my moon my stars
Your smile, so kind and sweet
Is like a work of art

I will forever love you
You are always in my soul
Without you, my heart would break
To be with you is forever my goal

The author's comments:
This piece is one of a couple of my poems concerning a guy that I had thought I had fallen in love with in 6th grade -6th grade!!-. I know I do love him, but I am not IN love with him. This work was inspired by the face I see when I think of who means a lot to me. He does.

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