Was There Homework Last Night?

May 17, 2012
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Was there homework last night?

Yes. We have homework every night.
This is high school after all,
we aren't in first grade anymore.

No. The teacher is just walking aimlessly around the room
staring at our blatantly blank sheets of paper
hoping that there might be something worth looking at.

Yes. Obviously you would have done it
if you actually cared. But, clearly you're too careless
to listen to the teacher.

No. Why would we ever get homework
when instead we could be playing hangman on the board
or looking up funny youtube videos about crazy cats?

Did we have homework last night?

Yes. Maybe if you actually paid attention in class
instead off staring at the blank wall ahead like a zombie in the apocalypse,
you might have done it.

No. In fact, our teachers gave up on us
because it's our senior year
and they want a break just as much as we do.

Yes. But even if you knew about it
you would have played video games and eaten cheetos all day
like the lazy, lethargic person you are.

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