An Ode

May 17, 2012
By Anonymous

Two years.
For two years, you have been with me.

During eighth grade year,
when I worried about things like which lunch table I would sit at, and what kind of clothes I should wear.

During my last dance as a middle school student, when my friends and I dressed up, and giggled about how exciting it all was.

During the summer, when I met new people, and grew apart from others.

During freshman year, when I suffered through
Algebra Two and Honors Spanish.

During my first Finals week, when I thought I would fail all of them, but I didn’t.

During tennis season, all night movie marathons, and the only banquet I'll ever attend as ninth grader.

During my first funeral, my first wedding, and my first day of school.

You’ve been with me for such a long time.
Through the good and the bad, you were always there, a constant reminder of all of the things I had done with you.

While you caused me pain, it’s somewhat surreal losing you, because it’s as though I’m losing a bit of myself, a bit of my life, all of the memories I’ve made with you.
I honestly can’t believe that the end is here, but tomorrow, you’ll be gone forever.

And so, goodbye, braces.
It’s been fun.

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