The Siblings of the Mind (emotion; memory and sensation)

May 17, 2012
By i5abella GOLD, Winnipeg, Other
i5abella GOLD, Winnipeg, Other
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being strong is about picking yourself up and dusting your self off so that you can help a friend when they fall.

'seriously you cant write anything better then this?' I ask myself; my three forms of self; emotion says 'yes' but is lost. memory the visual art says 'no' she is tired of being lost by the hand of emotion and is now thrilled that he is now lost and confused. The third and final peace hearing looking up and asks 'I'm sorry can you say that again' they all laugh at the simple mind of sensation the half ignorant hearing was enthralled in conversation with emotion the essence of the art of writing. If only image memory could recall the recollection of where sensation placed the writing of emotion. it was not that she couldn't; it was that she wouldn't thou she wouldn't tell the others that. for she was greedy at this chance and any other like it that she got. to punish sensation and emotion. even if that included hearing, smell and taste who were innocent of all. it was feeling and sight who did the damage them with emotion and his writing.

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