Live Your Life

May 17, 2012
By Ren-ren BRONZE, Jasper, Indiana
Ren-ren BRONZE, Jasper, Indiana
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Life is a fragile thing
A boulder being held by a string
Not knowing which moment will be your last
Or when your life will be a thing of the past

Why do we spend our whole lives waiting
To have the time of our lives
Why not make each moment count
Before the time flies by

Tell your family you love them
Let them know you care
For what’s the point of fighting
When someday they won’t be there

Put chores off until tomorrow
And enjoy the sunny blue sky
For if that day would be your last
Wouldn’t you rather be outside?

Life is not a guarantee
So live each moment up
Stop the anger and the fights
Don’t give your happiness up

It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor
Just find the stuff you need
To make your life a happy place
Where you enjoy to be

Life is not a permanent thing
It only comes once for all
So live your life how you feel is best
And take advice for when you may fall

Life is truly amazing
No matter how hard it gets
Just think of all the beautiful things
You would never want to miss

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